About Us

Manchester Carpet CleaningAt first, we were a small carpet cleaning company but now, after being in this field for so many years, we grew into one of the leading cleaning companies in Manchester. And in between these years, Manchester Carpet Cleaning performed thousands of jobs that fulfilled our customers’ desires. Our team has gained a lot of experience and skills.  We can proudly say that we haven’t had customers that weren’t happy with the results of our cleaning, and we aim to never have unfulfilled clients.

Our company has traditions

Our path and company’s history is long. Regardless of our rapid growth we never forget our number one priority – excellent cleaning services. Behind our success are three things that never fail us:

  • our quality and motivated staff
  • the flawless training that we have provided them
  • the top-notch cleaning supplies that they use

Our employees

A company is nothing without experienced staff and we dedicate our success to them. They are the people that do everything possible to fulfill our clients – they are dedicated. Choosing them wasn’t easy. When we created our team we selected them from a lot of people that applied for the job – but we made the right decision. Everyone that joined our crew had to undergo an extensive training process that transformed them into the experts they are now.

Our tools

Usually, cleaning companies try to use cheap detergents and low-quality equipment so that they can cut expenses but we have never done that and we will never do so as well. As we continuously say – providing excellent services that are flawless is our top priority and we would never be able to do so with using cheap equipment. That’s why we have invested in the highest of quality tools out there that are powerful and modern.

We also try to be environmentally-friendly and we try our best to never waste materials.


A huge factor of our customers’ satisfaction has a lot to do with our schedule. That’s why ours is so flexible and we perform the service only at an hour suitable for them. You want to book us? Pick up the phone and call us. You can also book us online.